I had a two-week teaching stinch in a very unique school in Kobe during February 2012 where I taught English as a foreign language. I was with the mpi English Schools (Kotoba no Hiroba San Chome).

Valentine's Day concert put up by both students and their families

I taught English to children ages three and up. During the first year of their English class in this school, parents are expected to join their children in all classes. This, I think, provides a very unique and effective learning environment for the students at Kotoba no Hiroba.

An entire family learns English together here through a series of games, music and stories. Slightly more advanced classes are also taught simple conversations, aside from single words.

The magic begins outside lessons:

Two of the families whom I taught at Kotoba no Hiroba
Two of the families whom I taught at Kotoba no Hiroba

The family can take these games, music and conversation home to practise everyday.

The family can learn English together while spurring each other on to perfect their mastery of the English language.

This lowers the obstacle of finding partners to practise the English language with, which is an important aspect of language mastery.

What I am most impressed with about this method is that THIS, also promotes family bonding.

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