An article titled “China immigrants are the greatest enemy; Demonstration held against new immigration policy – Singapore” on the Population White Paper found its way onto Yahoo! JP.

Articles of similar titles are also found on many China websites (for example: here).

If you have only read the headlines:

1. What do you think this immigration policy is about?

2. What will you think of Singaporeans?

3. What will you think of China immigrants?

Frankly speaking, I don’t think these headlines are reflective of the situation. To me, it sounded as though the new immigration policy seeks to give an advantage to Chinese immigrants. And I can’t help but feel afraid to see the reactions of the global community to this piece of news.

Only if you read till the end, the article then explains itself that it was the protest organiser, Gilbert Goh, whom deleted his comments about the new Chinese immigrants which he publicly admitted it as dangerous before the protest was held. But even so, the impression the headlines made coloured my perceptions of what I thought this article was really about.

On a separate note, what do you think of the headlines mentioned in the following song?