Just a week or two ago, I attended the first ever retirement meal of a colleague. I’ve joined in plenty of lunches of colleagues whom have decided to have a change in environment in my previous job, but retirement? This has got to be the first.

It was a nice meal and a get together with members of my group at The Rice Table down at International Building in Orchard district.

After a sumptuous meal, as we walked out of the restaurant, a colleague of mine called out to me:

“We were discussing about you at the other end of the table…”

I was taken by surprised. Talking about me? I’ve only been with this organisation for only a year, what is there to talk about?

“We were counting that for the many years ahead, you would have at least one of these retirement lunches to attend every year!”

A few days ago, my group manager highlighted to me:

“You are the only lecturer in the group that’s younger than me”

I must say I’m surprised again.

Or maybe I shouldn’t be?