“Well, he is that free to specially call someone to inform about the illegal parking?”, my colleague quipped

“Well, no. It was a ‘by the way’ thing”, I replied


I was discussing about the plans about an event we are organising with one of the managers in the school which I’m just going to call him, A. We were on the way to the lab to pick up some goodie bags for the event. After we picked up the stuff, I followed him on to the general office as we had not finished with our discussion.

We entered the lift and it stopped at the very next floor. A door opened for someone to move out of the lift. Outside the lift was a fellow colleague and A spent only about 20 seconds tying up on some other work matters with him.

“Since I’m on the way to the general office, I’ll pick those things up. By the way, there is some illegal parking cases happening here. Do you know who I can approach?” A asked.

“You could ring up the security I guess,” came the reply.

We continued the lift ride to the ground floor where the general office is. On the way, we met a security guard and A alerted the security guard about the illegal parking case.

“Well, yes, yes! Actually we have been observing that for quite some time!” replied the security, with a bit of glimmer in his eyes and continued, “I guessed you just confirmed the case for us.”

That’s a done deal, and we continued to the general office to pick up our stuff and parted there. A met another fellow colleague and continued another discussion on yet another work matter on the way to his office.


Yah. He didn’t specially called the security, he isn’t that free. It was an on the way, by the way thing.