On 24 March, STOMP published a submission by a “stomper” accusing an NSman of not giving up his seat to an elderly woman.

The report, published in its column titled “Hey Goondus”, was headlined: “Elderly woman stands right in front of him on MRT, but NSman simply acts blur”.

From the main photo, it would indeed appear that the NSman (and the others seated beside him, in fact) was inconsiderate not to give up his seat to the woman.

However, on closer look, the “Reserved” seat for the elderly and needy, which was just two seats away from the NSman, was empty. The elderly lady could have taken that seat. In fact, it is reserved for commuters like her.

Selected Excerpt from ‘The Online Citizen’

(You can read the actual article in full here)

Someone was accused of doctoring the photograph and made news on the Singapore’s citizen-journalism portal, STOMP.

I wonder why would anyone want to do that. It is as though the government does not have enough problems up their hands on this social integration thingy.

Hey, whoever who did that, stop being sour grapes! Let’s celebrate that empty seat instead. That seat was left for someone who needed it more. It was an empty seat with a thought behind it.