Yesterday, I got to observe an interesting exchange about the perception of a leader and the ground crew while attending the ITE Toastmasters’ Meeting. I thought I must log this down somewhere.

Disclaimer: Not the exact words spoken but something to that effect.



Mr A: Leaders can see further, sometimes not because by their nature and talent they inherently could. They could because their offices are located on the 80th floor perhaps. More importantly, because of the appointment they are holding in the company, they are given that privilege to see the horizon and further than the rest. They should share the good news that they can see to the ground crew.

Ms B: In order to move forward, we also need to watch our step and look at what’s ahead of us on the ground. Hence the existence of the ground crew. No use for the leader to keep announcing the good news and trudging on for the horizon when there are thumb tacks are all around endangering the ground crew’s lives. The leader must therefore gather constant feedback from the ground crew to know what is preventing them from moving ahead, and perhaps collaboratively, work out a solution on how they can move forward.