Rarely have I written a feedback which I’ve regretted.
But I have written one just recently. (PS. These stuff will haunt you some time in the future)

Rarely do I make mistakes in keying in my appointments in my calendar.
But I’ve gotten into a little inconvenience twice just recently.

Rarely do I rant to students, not quite a pretty sight.
But I’ve done it three times just recently.

Feeling my pulse, I knew that it is in me.
An INTJ that hates uncertainty.

Not that I cannot be spontaneous,
Just that I have to plan when to be spontaneous.

Not that I cannot be last minute,
Just that I need contingencies.

Not that I cannot stand messiness,
Just that I need them to be organised (ie. organised mess).


My coach used to tell me that I must be an unlucky guy, if my life had been all smooth sailing.
Well, here I am blessed by life, given a chance to be challenged in ways never before.

Thinking back, maybe ranting wasn’t too bad after all. Now that I know that people are willing to go all out for more.
Hey, then what am I waiting for? Shouldn’t I put in more effort, percentage point: a hundred and twenty perhaps?