I went hiking with the Singapore Adventurous Nature Lovers last Sunday. Aside from the sun, the nature, the mud and the sweat, one thing I really liked was the people that you meet in the trail.

Hikers and Bikers are friends. We watch out for each other. A typical conversation between hikers and bikers on the move may sound something like this.

Hiker 1: Bike ahead! Keep to the left!

Hiker 2, 3, 4: Keep to the left!

Hiker 5, 6: Bike Ahead! Watch out!

Biker 1: Thank you!

Hikers: Good morning!

Biker 1: Good morning!

Biker 2: Good morning! More bikes ahead.

Hikers: Good morning!

Hiker 1: Keep to the left, more bikes ahead!

Biker 3: Bike behind!

Pic by TS Chua
Hikers and Bikers

People in the trails are always so friendly and so considerate.


If only it is the same with Bikers and Drivers…

I don’t say I’m no better than anybody else,
But I’ll be damned if I ain’t jist as good!
Territory folks should stick together,
Territory folks should all be pals.
Cowboys dance with farmer’s daughters,
Farmers dance with the ranchers’ gals!
~ Oklahoma! – The Farmer and the Cowman ~