People who know me long enough would know that when I listen to today’s music, I tend to follow the artistes themselves. I like to know about their history, I like to read about what their views on life is. This brings meaning to the songs that I’m listening.

With Beyond, it was a bit different. I bought their CD, which happens to be the final commemorative CD, for a single track (very rare would I buy a CD for a single track). I didn’t read about them till a few days ago.

This is the song which I bought for, this exact version on YouTube is on my CD:

Today was the first time I ever saw this rendition live. I stumbled upon it while browsing through some news on Hong Kong’s Occupy Central situation.

I can’t describe my feelings when I watch it but all I can say is that my heart goes out to the people of Hong Kong. I really hope that both sides will continue to exercise restraint.

There is this Chinese saying that goes:


(*Note: Coincidentally, the name of this song, 海阔天空, is embedded in the saying)

It roughly translates to this:

Literal Translation: The winds and waves will be calmed with a moment of patience, the seas and the skies will look vast (I interpret this as being able to see a bigger picture) with a moment of compromise

Meaning: A little give-and-take will make a conflict easier to resolve.

For me, I hope that conversation will take place and all things will go well. We can only understand each other if we start talking to each other. I guess it takes courage to start talking. Something like that courage described in the song.