Tailgaters are a frequent sight in Singapore. They usually do that to pressure the vehicle in front to move faster, or even better, to move out of their way. However, when you have heavy traffic like those during peak hour, it doesn’t matter how hard the driver tailgates. There is no way the car in front is going to move any faster or quickly move out of the way for you as the slower lane beside is probably filled with cars as well and finding a chance to switch lanes will take time.

CFNSA File Photo: Traffic
Just some random photo with some traffic. Definitely not in Singapore 😛

I had one with me on the way to work today on the highway:

He’s lucky. I found a gap in the slower lane to move out of his way. I saw him moving in quickly to tailgate the next car that was in front of me.

He’s also not so lucky because by the time I switched to the slower lane, the slower lane became the faster lane! I could see him from my side mirror, trying to switch to my lane but alas, he couldn’t find a gap which he could merge in safely.

Soon, I exited the highway, passed through the traffic light smoothly as it turned green just in time. After a short drive, I found the tailgater behind me again! However, he was way behind me this time round. He sped up to meet me again from behind. As he just managed to caught up with me after some effort. The lights turned red and we stopped. Him behind me again. Almost all the way to work, until we parted ways at a small street nearby.


Japanese Car with a relaxed driver driving casually: 1

Performance Car with a driver who seems to be in a rush and hence tailgated every car ahead of him: 0


I wonder what’s the point of tailgating and giving yourself so much pressure that you may crashed into the car in front of you. You never known when the vehicle in front will make an emergency break.

Parting words: Please don’t tailgate. Drive safe and stay safe.