I’m currently in the middle of my 12-day service back with the Navy. (For non-Singaporean visitors to my blog, you can read more about Singapore’s conscription process right here.)

I’m pretty sure that a lot of people may disagree but I thought everything has gone rather smoothly, even though the Company Sergeant Major, the Company Quartermaster and his trusty sidekick are not around with us this time.

Taking over the main coordination work was the (at first I though he would be) reluctant but (in the end) he gave it his all Operation Specialist. Obviously, he was a lot more slower in gathering the stores compared to the experienced Company Quartermaster but the process I thought was generally smooth.

There was a small “little hiccup” though as he started counting the number of pliers and wire-cutters he had just drawn from the store, where he was solemnly reminded by the officer not to do the counting himself but to continue his coordination work with him.

In a “crisis” mode, I thought I might have done the same as him. It was just a solemn reminder to me as well that getting priorities right is crucial, which in his case, he can entrust the counting to another person who can do the same thing, while continue on the coordination work which he was the only one who could do it.

But still, not a bad attempt for a person doing major logistics work for the first time. I’m quite impressed actually. 🙂