I spotted the article below reposted by ‘The Real Singapore‘ dated 9 Dec 2014.


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When I first saw this article, I was ready to believe what the blogger has written. This is despite the fact that I usually have a natural dislike towards blame and shame posts. I’m surprised at the sheer number the blogger has spotted, almost to a state of disbelief but I’ve still decided to take what the blogger had to say. After all, the evidence and the figures he puts forth in his blog post were all facts, and numbers couldn’t lie.

That is, until I saw this other article from ‘The Straits Times’ published on 10 Dec 2014.

A quick summary about the article from The Straits Times, the marathon organiser had rerouted the runners whom the blogger saw as the roads that were closed for the run had to be reopened at the request of the authorities. If you are interested to read the full article, they can be found here and at the bottom of this post.

I felt ashamed that I wasn’t able to trust my instinct that I should not be so ready to believe the blogger’s perception due to the sheer number of “cheaters”. As an avid runner myself, I should have known this better than any other photographers who are just standing at one corner taking pictures. Those runners had no choice but to cut short their run. They probably feel really bad, not being able to complete the run. Instead of empathising with them, I’ve chosen to agree with the blogger, who has blamed and shamed them. Once again, I’ve allowed my skepticism to mar my judgement.

I felt really bad that I’ve doubted their integrity. This is a solemn reminder for me that the ordinary people like you and me really had much more integrity. As Confucius puts it, we are all kind by nature.

Well, I guess sometimes when we miss the other side of the story, through lack of clarity, stories can become unbalanced. In fact, when I told my sister about this, she snapped at me for not reading her blogella series that she kept asking me to read since eons ago. She said that I could have avoided this hiccup. Maybe I better get to “When Danny meets Kelly” soon~


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