A new year has come. But this would be a year full of challenges and this had resulted me in going vegetarian. I can’t really share with anyone my challenges in details yet but all I can say that the motivations are partially health, partially religion, partially economic. With so many wins, why not go vegetarian? So I thought.

“You’re an eggetarian,” my colleague quipped, as she listened to me explaining about the sort of diet I’m having.

To be exact, I’m a semi-ovo-lacto-vegetarian. What this means is that I allow myself to eat eggs and diary products. The “semi” comes in because I decided not to be particularly strict to stick to the ovo-lacto-vegetarianism diet I’m having. I’ll have meat sometimes, when there isn’t a choice, for instance, if the restaurant sells everything with meat, I’m ok to have some.

Apparently, there is a popular term which people used for people on a semi-vegetarian diet. It’s called “Flexitarian”!

A screenshot from the website ‘http://vegetarian.about.com/’

You do know that my name is “Flex” right? Feels like it’s another calling that was given to me and it’s fated that I will be “eating my own name” some day. Late by 14 years but well, better late than never I supposed.

Anyway, I’ve digressed. What I really wanted to share about today are my thoughts about being a Flexitarian.

Today marks the my eighth day into this new diet. At first, I thought this entire exercise is going to suck. How tasty can vegetables be? Yes, I do eat some on a daily basis but to have them as a staple, refraining from eating meat when I have a choice? I think I must be crazy. But I guess spiritually, I hoped it also showed my sincerity and that I really put some effort into doing some more right.

What’s more, I will be faced with limited choices in the food court. Entering this diet meant that I will be wiping my comfort food, chicken rice, completely off my list of choices.

As it turns out, it really wasn’t that bad. I noticed that I do enjoy eating a variety of veg. Yong Tau Foo (pick a few pieces of vegetable and soy products, some times also topped with fish-paste to be all cooked in a soup – although I avoided those selections) and the economical mixed-vegetable rice (where you get to pick your own two to three Chinese dishes with rice) become my main staples. I really didn’t think that I would enjoy that many types of vegetables.

At first, I was also planning to give myself a break during weekends to switch back to some meat. But that didn’t happen this weekend either. I was ok to stick to my vege choices. So far so good, even though I know it’s still too soon to tell.

Other than that, nothing’s changed much. I’m still as heavy as before. I don’t feel particularly refreshed or less refreshed. I supposed that’s a good sign that I’m eating the right balance diet then.