After yet about another four years of hiatus, I am back at studying the Japanese language! Greatly inspired by the recent trip I made with my students, I should really continue and move on to the elusive JLPT-N1 certification. However, I am no longer able to attend lessons at Yano Language School as the school closed down since about two years ago.

I’m with Ikoma right now, one of the most popular and chic Japanese language schools in Singapore, located at downtown Orchard. Before the 2.5-hour lesson ended, Nagai sensei handed out two sheets of assignment to the class, a multiple-choice exercise and an essay exercise.

Japanese Homework
Japanese Homework

“This will be the homework for this week,” he said (in Japanese of course).

Right, I almost forgot what it was like doing homework.

Come to think of it, I’ve been slacking for the past one year. I found myself playing computer games almost every moment I got. I’ve been falling behind my reading and my Coursera courses. Generally speaking, attempts at self-improvements were thwarted by poor self-discipline and computer gaming addiction. What was worse was that the genre of games I was playing were pretty senseless and required little thinking. Very unlike me, a person who prefers games that exercises my creativity and strategy at the same time.

Today, I’m proud to announce that I’ve done my homework for 30 consecutive minutes! Actually, I planned to put aside an hour for self improvement today but I guess 30 minutes is a good start. With the Japanese homework hot on my toes, I found the motivation that I was looking for to cultivate a new habit: setting aside time to do self-improvement. It was always an on-and-off thingy but I think it should be made more regular.

Talking about it makes me feel excited already! Onwards!