While shopping at NTUC one of the afternoon lunches, I caught a close friend of mine, Joshua, converting the price of milk powder and fish into per kilogram.

“Why would you want to do that?” I asked.

“It just seems interesting. Do you know that the price of milk powder is more expensive than the price of fish?” came the reply.

Seems like a silly thing to do for some, but my geeky eyes lit up and I instantly knew that I must write a blog post based on this.

Hence started my mini unscientific research on 14 March 2015 at the Giant Hypermarket at IMM while I was shopping with my mum. I had only about 45 minutes before the hypermarket closed for the day. Armed with a pen and a few sheets of paper, I wrote down the price and the weight of whatever I could as the both of us strolled through the shopping aisle. Back at home, I pull out my spreadsheet and started converting the price of everything into a common unit, price per kilogram.

The table below was the result of the shopping trip and some post-calculation. It is sorted by price per kilogram…

Item Price per Kg
Malaysia Cucumber $1.50
Giant Powder Laundry Detergent $1.50
USA Potato Russet $1.59
Australia Loose Carrot $1.90
Song He Thai Frangrance Rice $3.00
Tai Sun Rice Vermicelli $3.00
Mili Luncheon Meat $3.00
Narcissus Whole Mushroom $3.06
Lebon Frozen Whole Chicken $3.63
Flying Man Tapioca Starch $4.10
Sadiz Frozen Chicken Drumlet $5.00
Sunshine Softmeal Bread $6.25
Leggo’s Balognise with Bacon Sauce $7.13
Giant Frozen Minced Pork $7.20
Pork Belly $8.90
Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee $10.03
Lion Dance Pork Ball $10.50
Fresh Golden Pomfret $10.90
Zenxin Organic Carrot $14.00
Red Grouper $15.90
Sunmaid California Raisins $16.08
Frozen Pork Belly Sukiyaki $16.25
Kellogg’s Frosties $17.67
Nissin Cup Noodles $20.00
Tai Sun Cashew Nuts $25.92
Salmon $29.89
M&M Milk Chocolate $33.75
Gain IQ Kid IntelliPro (Milk Powder) $34.94
Sea Cucumber $36.90
Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 $40.92
Frisco Gold 2 (Milk Powder) $51.67
Cod Fish Steak $59.90
Lakerol (Sweet) $79.63
Eclipse Mints $95.71

Observations which I felt was interesting

Disclaimer: Since this is a random basket of stuff which I’ve picked, I don’t expect my observations to be scientifically accurate. Sweeping generalisations are inevitable.

  • Surprise! Sweets are the most expensive.
  • Cod fish which is believed by Chinese to be very nutritious for post operation is more expensive than baby milk powder.
  • Baby milk powder cost a bomb.
  • Organic carrots cost seven times more than the usual carrots.
  • Coffee and Pork Balls cost about the same.
  • Sunshine bread is more expensive than chicken
  • Rice and rice vermicelli cost the same
  • Laundry detergent cost about the same as vegetables