IMPORTANT NOTE (Read Me First!!!): This is an article that recommends for us to do our own research if we intend to look for a real bargain. This is NOT an article trying to expose some dishonest seller (there is none here in my opinion). I have my reasons to believe that this is not the case. Read on carefully to find out more.


Below is a screen grab made on 14 June 2015 from a seller at Qoo10 at this web address:

Notice that the original retail price stated for the Logitech K480 keyboard was stated at S$79.90.

Qoo10 retailBelow is a screen grab made on 14 June 2015 from the Logitech Singapore website, at

Notice that the retail price for that very same keyboard stated at S$59.00. That is more than 25% cheaper than the original retail price stated above.

Qoo10 retail2Finally, below is a screen grab made on 14 June 2015 from my Facebook on how it’s advertised on Facebook.

Qoo10 retail3

No doubt, the discounted price offered by the seller on Qoo10 was indeed cheaper than what was offered straight from Logitech could offer. It is still a pretty good offer. However, how was that a 50% discount? Does it still sound worth it to you to want to buy it?

Anyway, before anyone starts doubting the integrity of the seller, I want to give the situation a benefit of a doubt:

  • The seller could have really gotten his goods from a source that sells it at $79.90 originally.
  • The person doing the marketing on behalf of Qoo10 or the seller decided that it was a real good idea to quote it as a 50% discount.

I do not think there is anything wrong with the seller, the marketing, the pricing and the advertisement. It just happens to be what it is.

Morale of the story: Do your research first.