It was a very real predicament:

  • A man’s wife who was not emotionally stable and in the final days of her pregnancy. She wanted him by her side.
  • The man has to attend an important interview followed by a day’s long chance of a lifetime event with his team mates. Failing to attend the interview, not only himself, his team mates as well, will lose an irreplaceable opportunity of a lifetime to attend the event.

What will you do? Is there anyway to have the cake or eat it too?

Arrange for someone to take care of his wife? Good thinking! He tried to but was unable to find one.

It sounded much like a dead end situation where he has to sacrifice his team mate or sacrifice his wife.

This situation happened to a friend of mine. What he did was commendable and he remained accountable to both his wife and his team mates.

He calmed his wife and asked for permission to be away for just two hours and no more. In those two hours, he attended the interview with his team mates and ensure that they gained entry to the event. As for the event that he and his team mates wanted to go so badly, he gave the event a missed himself and returned to his wife.

While it seems like a pity that he has to miss the event, I felt that he made the right decision to stay with his wife! And he definitely did so while being accountable to his team mates who made it to the event after all. I don’t think I can think of a better win-win solution given his circumstances.

“chess board” by Adam Raoof

Lesson of the day: Win-win solutions are usually not black nor white.