For the past eight months or so, I’ve been trying to… simplify my life.

The actual actual ACTUAL process probably goes out much longer than that but it was really a slugfest.

From streamlining my accounts to my archives, to my wardrobe to my wallet. Wardrobe sounds terrible, but the desktop (and I’m really referring to my computer) is even worse! I even felt at one point of time I want to delete everything from my computer, throw away everything I have and just start a new.

The book that I’ve borrowed from my friend

Then there was this book, coming in at the 13th hour, giving me a final boost to complete my decluttering from 80% to 95% within only three weeks and I’ve come to the final mile at last.

At long last, I have a breather from all that packing and now it is time to reflect and keep tabs. These are the three guidelines which I found most useful for me…

(1) Throw

It took me sometime to realise that the magic behind packing was to throw things away (and buy less stuff). Anyway, it is easier to organise lesser items. Where Marie Kondo value added was that during the throwing phase, we should be clearing things in terms of category rather than by location. Having that bigger picture has helped me a lot in achieving the final mile.

(2) A place for everything

The quickest way I found to clear my clutter was to have a place for everything. This means eliminating spending time to look for a space to keep my stuff that often. Right now, I’m also trying to build in some “buffer” zone so that I have a place to store additional things when I buy them in the future.

Accessibility is also an important factor for me hence I also kept my seldom used items out of sight: hidden behind items which I used more often or places somewhere really high up or down low. Where Marie Kondo value added was that cabinets should look pleasing to the eyes when it is opened. This also means to reserve some space for stuff which keeps my spirits up when I see them.

(3)  A system for everything

I also like to systemise the way I do certain stuff. This allows me to be put on “automatic” mode, especially on trivial matters which I thought I shouldn’t be thinking so much about it.

I’ve manage to find out the best way to handle bills and letters which I would like to archive for a while before I junk them was to store them by year rather than by categories (with only those which I intend to store for a long time being categorised). When it comes to the time to destroy those documents, I save on time trying to recategorise them; the entire pile gets destroyed.

I even have an OCD system for ensuring every piece of clothing gets worn will sure make some people scream but I do it out of practicality sake.
Whatever the case, I’ve already started reaping some rewards of my 8-month long simplify project. In fact, I do not need to do anymore major packing. Now, I focus on living.