Background. If the proposed Cross-Island Line (CRL) MRT was to tunnel through the Nature Reserve, there is possible impact on the bio-diversity that lives 40 meters on top of the line (Line drawn in RED in the diagram below).

An alternative was given, routing around the Nature Reserve along Lornie Road and Upper Thomson Road (Line drawn in BLUE in the diagram below). Land acquisition seems inevitable and it will cost $2b more.

For more information, you can read about it here.

If experience serves me right, win-win situations are seldom black or white. They either exist in the grey region or require something out of the box. Disclaimer, I am no civil engineer, but this is what I am suggesting based on whatever I can see on the map, ignoring the fact the we probably need to dig a lot deeper (Line drawn in ORANGE in the diagram below):

Background Map from

I’m suggesting we give Sin Ming a miss altogether and give up connecting the North-South Line and Thomson-East Coast Line at the northern region.

If we really have to, why not just build a branch line like the Cross-Island Line that juts out to Punggol?

Or perhaps Caldecott can be the interchange station to the Cross-Island Line.

In fact, I thought there were some experts who mentioned in the news that a further south alignment would be better? Whatever happen to that idea I can’t even seem to find it anywhere on the Internet no more?