At last, I started my bike lessons after about 1.5 years of procrastination. After lots of thoughts, chastised by many around me and me, preconditioning my family members that it is ok to ride (by the way, didn’t realise that my Dad is still crazy about bikes all these years!). The cute thing is that after I announced to the whole world that I’m beginning riding lessons, many started congratulating me and sent me videos of accidents at the same time. I couldn’t help it but make up stories in my head that these guys are trying to persuade me to stop “all these biking nonsense” in me.IMG_4316-edit

Well… I really ought to be thankful that they care for my well being too. All I can think about what to do with the videos so far is to learn about how accidents can be avoided. With that being said, feel free to send me more!

At this point, I must admit that as far as I am excited to begin on the practical stages of my bike lessons, I also feel a tinge of fear; I wondered if I am able to learn as smoothly as I wanted to. For one thing, I don’t cycle well. My friend has to save me from a brush with death when I fell about 12-13 years ago.

It was totally different for this 60-year-old lady I met at the driving school! She was filled with pure excitement and passion. She wanted to see the world through different eyes, and felt strongly that riding would give her more freedom to do that. She was so excited that she signed herself up for all the four theory lessons in a single day so that she can start on her practical the soonest. I had to split the lessons up across two days as I weren’t sure if I can focus through the 400 minutes of lessons.

I really admired her spirit, her perseverance and her courage to learn riding at her age.

You are never too old to learn something eh?