I always liked the idea of running in the rain
The feeling of raindrops dripping off my face
The coolness that’s going to seep through my hair
Meeting the skin underneath, all warm up and pumped up because of the run

I enjoy running under the strong tall trees
Among their green leaves the birds went hiding
I listened intently to the birds as they were still singing,
As though a song to the heavens, praying for a rainy day

I listened to the raindrops joining the lake,
Sliding down the leaves of the tree, bouncing off the grass and pavement all around
The chorus of inner peace that envelops the nature that is all around me

I listened carefully to the sound my feet makes as they meet the ground
The beat of the run in the rain
I listened attentively to my breath
The life of the run in the rain

I stopped in front of the lake
Seeking to admire the nature that may not remain…

The rain reciprocated,
Making sure that not a patch of my singlet was left dry
Making sure that I was embraced by its coolness
Making very sure that she would hug and love me with whatever she could

I tried to remembered all of it
The fish in the lake that swims freely
The family of monitor lizards that roams
The squirrels that always runs up a tree, seldom down it

It was decided that the lake park will be given a big boost, a new lease of life
As to whether that will become an irony, it remains to be seen…

~ Flex Tio ~

A huge area of Jutong Lake Park will be going under renovations from 1st Aug 2016 onwards. I run there once every other week. I’ve kayaked in the lake as well. I was hoping that they don’t have to touch such a large area of the park all at the same time but looks like that’s not going to happen.

I hope all the nature can find its way through this somehow. And yes, don’t make Jurong Lake Park another East Coast Park. Put any Fast Food outlets far far away, thanks.