Most of my colleagues go for less sugar in their coffees for health reasons. Meanwhile, I’m usually complaining that my coffee-s ain’t sweet enough.

A fellow Navy comrade drinks his tea without sugar. He said that his family had a history of diabetes. He shared with me that by going without sugar, he was able to discern the quality of the tea. I was very impressed by him, being able to go without sugar. I drank coffee without sugar before and they were absolutely bitter and I wasn’t sure if I would like it.

A friend who I met recently was also telling me that she had to watch her diet as she had been diagnosed with early diabetes. She has a sweet tooth, a love for chocolates and now, consumes her beverage without sugar.

My comrade inspired me to consume my coffee without sugar and my friend inspired me to take action. As someone who drinks 2 to 3 cups of sugary coffee a day, I, too, started to worry if I’m taking in much more sugar than I needed daily. Then there was this thing about trying to lose weight which I failed miserably for the past many many months. And hence I started my journey, just for five days, to see what it feels like to go on sugarless coffee. I kept the milk though as black coffee would have been way too bitter for me. Here is what I’ve gathered:

Emotions: Indifferent. I tend to be a bit more grumpy drinking bitter stuff though.

Physical: Lost a whopping 1.5kg the past 5 days!

I was very very amazed by the amount of weight I lost. The only diet adjustment I made was not putting sugar in my coffee and that’s it! I still can’t help but enjoy fattening curry every other day.

Yes, I can also discern good and bad coffee a lot better. The effects of that on my weight are super encouraging. Personally, I still prefer to keep my coffee sweetened but I think I can get used to it. And I think it is going to have a profound improvement to my health both physically and mentally in the long run.

Wish me luck keeping my coffee sugarless!