Day 2’s is about the family, or rather, in particular, Mum deserves a holiday every now and then so I straight away knew that this should be part of the itinerary.

It’s always shopping mall hopping and attempting to get the cheapest deals, and it’s always me persuading my mum to go for a somewhat slightly more expensive coffee and food. Partly because I do not like the hassle of queuing for seats in the local food court, and I really think it is alright to splurge slightly once in a while.

Enjoying coffee at ToastBox.

I’m not really the shopping for clothes sort of person either. I keep myself entertained for a while looking at suits and shirts but every time I look at the price tag of a piece of clothing that interest me, they easily cost $239 for a blazer or $89.90 for a shirt! Talking about expensive taste.

In the meanwhile, Mum would be at the ladies department. And ever so often, I would stroll over to the ladies department to see that she was still there, just to check out what she is getting. Something that I’ve been doing ever since I’m a child. She usually restrained herself from buying much; well… money has been getting harder to come by these days.

Dinner is often a reminiscence about her younger days, days where the family is really really poor and she and Dad were full time hawkers, selling food to the masses earning a living. We turned into food critiques, discussing about whether the restaurant had been using the freshest ingredients or what that could be done to make things tastier. Sometimes I wondered if the waiters are going to be annoyed by us.

One last thing that I would always do is to really observe my mum’s faced. If you have never observed your loved ones faces in details, I think you should do it as soon as you can.

Looking at the smoothness of her face and the contrasting deepening wrinkles.

Looking at the disappearing scar on her forehead from the recent serious fall she had.

Looking at myself in her genes.

No longer quite the superwoman I used to know as well.

After all that, I’ve come to a realisation.

These ordinary times together are really the ones to be treasured. More so than the special times together.