Day 5’s theme was (supposedly) nature. I got away from the busy city life to a place tuck away in an island in the east. Pulau Ubin, aka Singapore’s last kampung, a Malay word which meant ‘village’, an hour’s car journey and a bumboat ride away.

The original plan was to ride into the Ketam Mountain Bike Trail. In fact, now that I am checking my Facebook records, I didn’t realise that it was 7 years since I have visited Pulau Ubin.

You know that things are not going to go as plan don’t you?

$10 rental bikes for the entire day

Anyway, to summarise all in three points:

  • It was seven years since I’ve ride on a bicycle.
  • The trail was wet from the rainy season.
  • I wasn’t confident to go through the trail at all.

And it reminded me about my motorbike lessons.

I really thought that the ride was going to be easier. I struggled through the uphills and worried about the downhills (because what goes down must come up again!). At one point of time, I could have sworn I tried to choose what I wanted to blame this on.

Wet weather for the past few days?

On the bicycle only after seven years?


Getting old?

Or the fact that I’m not good enough for sports that includes everything from terrible hand-eye coordination, almost no ball sense and the case of butter fingers + tangled feet all in one?

I think I really need to get use to the fact that I’m not going to be good in everything and sports is one of them. And this is all fine! And not being good in sports should not mean that I cannot keep fit and I cannot enjoy sports with friends.

Hey, at least I got through the ride without having to push the bike through all the up slopes. That should qualify as an achievement in itself considered the fact that I wanted to give up too many times I supposed?