There are two types of museums which I really enjoy going. The artsy type that allowed me to peer into the mind of the artist, and the science type that can engage my intellectual mind. To me, the two usually come together quire implicitly. Simplistically speaking, you cannot talk about art without talking about the advancement of technology to produce an art piece, and, you cannot talk about science unless they are delivered in a manner which you can hear it, see it and touch it.

Seldom, they come together explicitly. The “Future World: Where Art Meets Science” and “Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder” exhibits at the ArtScience Museum were two exceptional exhibits where science and arts held their hands with each other.

I’m so thankful that my friend, L, called me out to this museum trip. With her membership card, we even got to get in at half the price. This trip left lots of ‘aha’ moments in me which might guide me on my journey.

To Infinity and Beyond~!

I am most impressed with the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher. I am so so so impressed to the point that I put him among the ranks of the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikolas Tesla.

His biography describes him as a graphic artist. I think the term ‘polymath’ suited him better. A person who uses the law of Mathematics to break the law of nature. I’ve always thought that his works were some optical illusion puzzles. Now, I knew that they were Escher’s trademark ART x mathematics art pieces.

Where this exhibit really shined was that it took me through the different stages in Esher’s career, from his early works that were largely on architecture that help built the foundation to his artwork, to his unflagging experimentation on tessellation, evolving to his meticulous madness commitment to “metamorphosis” art forms and finally, this piece of work that combined all of what he had learnt about over 30 years. Still not quite his vision from what I understand, but close enough to me.

It was all presented in front of my eyes, how knowledge so disparate can be synergised and infused to a state that they became inseparable. In fact, should I say that arts and mathematics are not disparate at all but are one and the same?

His works were hope to me.A hope that someday I will be able to fuse all that knowledge in my mind to create something useful, something thought provoking for mankind too.

Escher showed me that there was a way to do this.