Day 7. I didn’t have a theme actually. If I have to give it a theme, it would have to be ‘Story‘.

I spent much of the day writing two stories. One of it was in preparation for a table top game, a story for a half-elf named Ivellios Windrivver.

And so Ivellios was an altered-ego, an arcane trickster and a charlatan who was accused of killing his only love when he was 20. He went on the run, hiding in disguise in the past two years and caught on by the official just recently. The rest of his story will be told in the gaming session early next year.

Make belief stories are always fun and it is a place where you can be whatever you want to be.

The more important story to write, however, was for another gentleman living somewhere in this world in a country called Singapore. This is a story of myself, a story which I need to write for myself. With any luck, I’m only slightly more than a third through it or maybe I’m already halfway through.

As per tradition, I seeked out a hermitage to do my goal setting. The place I been to look like this:

A key landmark of the hermitage I went to this year

Goal setting has always been a very intense moment for me. 2016 has been such a bad and busy year that I’m determined to make it right.

There were many questions I wanted to answer: Do I want to continue with a certain pursuit, why do I want to continue with a certain pursuit, and because of my wide interest (and talent – please allow me to boast just this once, please please please : P) that I am not willing to give up, how do I sustain the passion to keep on going, at the very least in a sustenance mode, is a key.

There’s also Future Reinvention to think about. I really believe that this is the other key to this tangled messy story. Maybe there really isn’t a need to untangle them. Just melt it and mix them together in a cauldron, brewing it till it’s well done and serve it hot.

And there was a breakthrough.

I set ZERO goals for the night.

Well, it was the first time I failed to set any goals in a dedicated personal reflection moment so it is a breakthrough isn’t it?

I did walked out with more clarity.

And I did feel a bit more determined and inspired.