I like goggles for my eye wear, I really do. I couldn’t resist getting this pair of spectacles: the Butterfly Effect series from Owndays when I came across it. I chose the most outstanding colour of the three for myself. Wearing it for about two weeks now, even though this pair of spectacles is causing some pain at various pressure points, I felt very me with this pair of spectacles. The little rebel in me.

It is like those times where I would dress a bit differently to look outstanding: trench coats, suspenders, bow-ties, although not all of it at one go of course. Or sometimes a little bit more subtle with my pair of Walking Tall.

Days that I just felt like getting some attention. And sure I got lots and lots of it! And I learnt quite a fair bit from the attention I’m getting too.


I learnt that my students were more ready to give me compliments compared to my colleagues even though they probably don’t know me as well. Perhaps my students were surprised by my antics where to my colleagues, they have sort of expected it.

I learnt that there will still be haters and I still get affected by that single “bad” comment out of all those good. But I also learnt to laugh it off as best as I could. Not sure if I feel good deep inside, but it’s just part and parcel of living.

Finally, I also learnt that this pair of spectacles could get me an extra serving of noodles at the cookhouse yesterday morning! When I was helping myself to the breakfast, the cookhouse lady had initially prevented me from getting the noodles (apparently, you can only choose to have either the “Western” breakfast or the noodles). As I was about to clear my tray, she asked me to come get another serving of noodles and we struck a conversation about my pair of spectacles.

Just hope that the pain points can go away as I get used to wear this pair of spectacle. Then all would be well.