If you only have 12 hours left to live, what will you do?

  • The image was vivid in that dream.
  • The doctor declared that I have 12 hours more to go in that dream.
  • No one was crying in that dream.
  • Mum told me to resign to faith in that dream.
  • I thought… “that’s quick…” in that dream.
  • I lost all will to do anything more in that dream.
  • I sieved through my paraphernalia and thought about keeping them in that dream.
  • Then again, what’s the point when I can’t bring it to the other side. I let them go in that dream.

I think it was a dream to ask me to let go, whatever it meant.


I polled my friends over Facebook. Four replied. One responded with comical delight and the other thought that he would live as per normal. The other two had this to say:

Do a video call with all friends n students to thank them for being my friend


Get all my good friends and loved ones together for a great meal cum drinks as well as a live band to play some oldies and dance music.

I love a happy, rock-and-roll send-off to Heaven or Hell if any”


True. It’s the relationship that matters! I guess I was too busy of letting go.

Still, I can’t help but have that premonition something is not going well. Not a good feeling to have at all.

If you only have 12 hours left to live, what will you do?