And so I click the “Send” button. Decided to help pickup the Kickstarter rewards for total strangers who were living around my side of the island, some 26 km away from the pick up point. I don’t like to be inconvenienced BUT I was empathising with the person who helped us did the group backing, who had 4 big cartons of board games sitting in his living room, and who was facing the wrath from his wife.

And so I also decided to do a better service to deliver the board games directly to them if they are free to arrange a location while I’m en-routing home BUT part of why I decided to deliver was due to fear. Fear of getting nagged by my parents for helping people out. What more, these are complete strangers: we only met on a forum to do a group backing for the same board game.

At first, two person accepted my offer for help, with one person who decided to pick up the game from me another day as he was not free to pick up the game from me the very same night I would like to deliver it to him.

A third person called out for help about 30 minutes before I set off to the pick up point. I groaned a bit but I helped him anyway.

So, I got four board games in a gigantic carton sitting at the back seat of my car, and en-routing to two additional locations just to make the delivery.

I really don’t know why I got myself into so much inconvenience!

In the end, I manage to meet all three of them! One met me near the train station, probably way past his time to get home but stuck around to wait for me.

And the other who initially could not meet me decided to drive over at a place of my convenience. He brought his girlfriend *I presumed* along!

I found a little comfort in their thankful faces and kind words. More so, I was just glad that it’s all over. A sense of achievement, pretty much like winning a pick up and deliver board game with perfection.

Still, I really don’t know why I got myself into so much inconvenience!

I wasn’t willing to begin with?

If them being thankful wasn’t quite what the satisfaction I’m looking for then what?

I did felt a sense of achievement, no?


I guessed it’s for one thing, I went all the way to did a nice thing even though it was uncomfortable for me to do so. And I knew it was the right thing to do, to make people’s lives a bit easier and happier.

I don’t expect anything in return but I do hope that I have brighten their day enough for them to pay it forward.

Come to think of it, I guess I might have gotten myself into such inconvenience to pay it forward.