With the year coming to an end, many linguists and news agencies are choosing the word or phrase that represents 2018.

If I have to choose one to represent me, it would be letting go.

Letting go of perfection. Set 15 goals, completed only 10, but it’s the journey that counts. Even managed to hit a few stretched goals along the way.

Letting go of my belongings. I found the courage to bid farewell to some of my things, many so dear to me, that I have held for more than a decade. Instead of putting them in a box and carrying the burden of making sure that they look perfect when I take them out in the next Spring cleaning session, I started using them if they are still usable, or letting go of them respectfully if I no longer find a use for them.

Letting go of ego and reinventing my hobbies. I’m just no longer as masterful in music but that shouldn’t stop me from expressing myself creatively – in Toastmasters at first, then in my work in designing lessons and materials for my students, in Instagram and the latest addition, Tik Tok.

Letting go to give space for a sense of peace, a breath of freedom and an aroma of achievement.

If you have to choose a phrase that represents you in 2018, what will it be?