It is a long time since I’ve taken the trains and I’m glad to report that there are no “Stomp”-worthy behaviours (see note below) observed during my half-hour ride back home from the city.

Note: Stomp is a citizen journalism website, known for its published collection of “first world problems” stories. Examples can range from parking idiots, to normal day people being alleged of not giving up seats in the trains. Some articles even stirred controversy which I’ve blogged about it before. I’m using “Stomp”-worthy behaviours to describe the latter.

5pm is not quite the rush hour traffic yet but seats are scarce. I was pleased to find a vacant seat in the train, especially after all the walking I have done in the museum the past three hours. But you know you can’t hold train seats for long…

NEXT STATION: I gave up mine at the next station to an old lady who needed the seat more than I do.

NEXT STATION : A lady with a baby in her arms stepped into the train. Two gentlemen (presumably friends or colleagues) stood up to offered their seats without hesitation. She only needed one though so the other friend sat right back.

NEXT STATION: I found another seat. Sat down beside the reserved seat.

NEXT STATION : I gave up my seat again to an elderly couple so that they could sit side-by-side. They rejected at first but I insisted. They accepted the seats graciously.

TWO MORE STATIONS: the couple left their seats and gesture for me to take the seat back. I pointed to the 5 – 6 year-old girl that was standing behind me and the elderly man straight understood straight away and reaches out for her. However, she and her Mum has been offered another seat by a lady, just opposite the couple. I accepted my seat from the old couple, sitting beside the reserved seat again. Another old man joined me at the reserved seat.

NEXT STATION: the young girl decided to reject the seat because she wanted to either stand or sit together with her Mum. They turned the reserve seat to an old lady who just walked in. She accepted the seat graciously.

Kind little gestures all around. Life’s little blessings that matters more. The real world is so much better than what’s reported.

Did you observe kind little gestures that warms your heart too? Please share them in the comments section below~