I am extremely impressed with the spanking new library which just open its doors a few days ago. No, I didn’t plan a trip to visit that library on purpose; just happen to be there for dinner.

library@harbourfront captivated me as an extremely well-designed library despite it’s small size. Want to know what a future library may look like? This is one possibility…

The theater room! With a central pod for you to select from TED Talks to watch with everyone! And yes, I always wanted to spread Brené Brownism in my country hence I couldn’t help but put her TED talk onto the TV.
If the theater room is too public, try a private pod instead that looks just like a business class seating on an airplane.
What if I just wanted to read a typical book in a nice seat? Well, every seat in this reading lounge faces the window that overlooks the harbour and the monorail to Sentosa, Singapore’s resort island. Just decide if you need a table to place your book (or laptop), a sofa with an arm rest or a beach-chair-like seat to do your reading.
The library also subscribes to tonnes of magazines and newspaper in digital format. Yes! This includes magazines in Japanese for me to read. The screen is large – at a comfortable shoulder-width size, as responsive as an iPad, with a matt finishing so that it does not reflect too much light, making reading off the screen surprisingly comfortable.
If you are with your babies, there’s also a little corner here to take them. Books in the children’s section are specially selected to engage the kid’s five senses.
And if you ever made a book reservation, your books will be waiting in one of these lockers for you. By the way, did I also mention that the library is run entirely by volunteers?

There’s so much more in this library such as a reconfigurable room that is used as a quiet reading room, doubling as a seminar room, an small but engaging exhibition area – currently showcasing robotic toys that you can touch and play!

This is user experience design. A design that pays attention to how users would like to use and experience the space.

Makes me want to go to the library everyday!