I wrote an email to the principal of a school in my neighbourhood, giving praise to a little but kind act their students do every morning. It’s an email that I’ve wanted to write for the longest time and I’m glad I did it.

Thought I summarise the entire thing in a prose so here it goes…

the LATE compliment – by Flex Tio

I probably observed these students,
For a year or two or more,
Who will queue up at the traffic junction to cross the road to get to school every morning.

While there is no rules telling them to queue,
It’s definitely a gracious act.
For the w a l k w a y is narrow,
Space only for two abreast at best.

I showed my friends and colleagues
The niceness of these young kids.
A promising bright tomorrow in the making,
As we will one day entrust this world into their hands
As we pass from this earth

I told my friends and colleagues,
I’ve always wanted to write to the principal,
Telling them what great kids they have.
Members of a considerate society that we are badly in need of.

You see, little great gestures are seldom praised today.
Yet little mischief are greatly condemned.
I want these students to grow up knowing,
The little things counts too,
They are NOT ignored,
They are NOT taken for granted, and,
They are appreciated.

There are some who told me why bother?
They are probably forced encouraged by their teachers to do so.
(But that’s not the point!)
And then THERE’S procrastination.
AND then there’s work.
And THEN there’s play.
And then there’s ALWAYS something better to do.
(But that’s not the point!)

A week ago, I stopped all my procrastinating nonsense.
Past my bedtime soon but that doesn’t deter.
An important email awaits the principal, the teachers and the administrators of the school from me,
A compliment, better late than never.

The principal replied with grace the next morning,
Saying my message will reach her students.
While I wonder how the entire school will respond,
I do hope I made their day.

Because considerate students make our day.