It was an epiphany to me that when I’m able to use the sacred time before the sun rises for something productive, I will feel much better about myself to remain productive throughout the day.

Alright, I’ve exaggerated a little. The sun could have already risen, but I do find myself having the habit of doing some small productive thing early in the day.

For the retired US Navy Admiral, William McRaven, it was to make his bed:

For me, these two things worked better:

  • Three days of the week were spent on jogging.
  • Before breakfast almost every work day, I will answer an email or marks a script or just complete something that can be done in 10 minutes.

Little as it may sound, it takes the stress off me daily knowing that I’ve already completed something.

Actually, I might have already knew this 8 years ago. Just that the idea was extreme and wasn’t as elegant then. I wrote it into a song which I’ve composed, at the time when I was losing hope, at the time I was trying to find hope…

写完最后一首歌 就别舍不得
流完最后一滴泪 就得坚持着
走完最后一段路 计划下个旅程
把握时间黎明之前 起程
就趁现在太阳还没 起身
其实我已经累了 而我不想再等
就带微笑现在马上 起程

“就趁太阳还没起程” – 张春富

Once you have completed writing your last song, then regret no more.
Once you have shed your last tear, you must stayed determined.
Once you have completed the last leg of your journey, plan for the next one ahead.
Treasure your time and leave before dawn.
To be honest, I have grown tired and I do not want to wait anymore.
I’ll leave, wearing a smile on my face, right at this moment, now.

“Just before the sun rises” – Flex Tio