This is part of a series of posts about my thoughts and my experiences through the KOSEN-Joint Polytechnic startup program.

Japan provides one of the best services you can ever find in this world. Down to the details of how they receive payment from you, the average service provided in a typical convenient store easily scores 7 out of 10.

However, for this sales lady whom I met at Aoki at Akihabara (PS. I know I have a Shinjuku picture featured on this post but that’s beside the point), I could give her 11 out of 10! She’s handling two customers at one time, me and another tourist.

I started picking a trench coat which were at half-priced. It’s a lot more expensive then the initial 12000 yen budget I set for myself but why not. Encouraged by my travel workmates to give it a try – trying is free after all, I started to look through the collection.

The sales lady came over to help me after my second try, probably spending a good 10 minutes trying to look for one that suits me, giving me advice as to what would be a fashionable trench coat for a gentleman like me, all the while being extremely patient with my indecisiveness and fickle-mindedness as I always would be with clothing purchases, especially they are going to cost above $100.

At this moment, enter customer number two, a Caucasian lady probably in her late 50s looking for a trench coat for her son.

The sales lady gently asked me to wait and she tended to the customer who has just walked in.

“What size are you looking for?” the sales lady asked her.

“Well, it’s for my son, and he is about…. that size”, she pointed to CP, one of my travel workmates.

CP soon found himself to be a model for this new customer. After all, my travel mates had nothing to do, except waiting for me to finish my finicky shopping and CP was sporting to be the model of the day. Soon, the four of us found ourselves shopping for trench coats for the next 15 minutes or so.

I manage to got one and the mother got something that she wanted for her son with the help of CP as the model and the sales lady.

At I walked back into the store with the sales lady to make payments, my travel mates said in a joking manner to the sales lady, “Well, I think you should give us a discount after all the modelling service that was rendered”.

Well, she didn’t give, she probably wasn’t able to because the items were already on 50% discount to begin with. But she did prepare four small freebies for each of us and she thanked us from the bottom of her heart.

Closing two sales at one shot! By the way, I got one that exceeded my initial budget by close to 2.5 times! And it helps when the staff are empowered to give out freebies I guess.

One thing for sure, she provided an A* service that probably made anyone feel embarrassed if you are not getting anything from her. At least that’s what the four of us, my travel mates and I, agreed.