Sometimes, I really feel that when it comes to material stuff, the less you own, the merrier.

The pain of porting my data and apps to a new phone when the old one breaks. If only I don’t have a phone.

The agony of driving the car into the car workshop, waiting to be served and waiting for my car to be done up. If only I don’t have a car.

Of course, the phone and the car to me are essential items. Which means, the pros outweighs the frustration of owning one.

But for those that are not essential, what for do I want the pain of losing it. As such, I refrain from getting stuff which I don’t need.

I also try to get comfortable with things spoiling and things breaking down.

If my favourite board game gets slightly damaged, I might squirm but it also means that it’s regularly played. Beats having a brand new board game which I never touch than for what purposes did I buy it in the first place?

If it is a souvenir given by a friend, I’ll try to use it. Wear and tear will surely kick in but beats putting it in a box, gathering dust, choking up precious storage space.

Everything we own has a lifespan and is on loan to us for the time being. We return everything at the end of our own lives and take nothing with us to our graves.