Every time I fall sick or when I faced a health challenge, I feel that my time is running out. It was one of the main reasons I took up running. As someone who has always been sickly since young, running has made me less susceptible to virus and diseases. It’s minimalist and requires little preparation. You can squeeze a run pretty easily in between pockets of free time.

When the joy of running has been taken away from me, twice in fact… Naturally, I became sick a bit more frequently. And it’s always stomach flu. Usually so bad that I felt that I couldn’t take care of myself.

These days, I couldn’t even seems to get a good night’s sleep. I no longer wake up feeling refresh and I get aches here and there. I wonder if it was age catching up, the big 40 looming in my face, where so many of my friends who went pass that age said that they experienced a sudden dip in their health.

There is a simple solution actually – Paracetamol. However, I refused to be so reliant on drugs. Drugs only numbs the symptoms. It doesn’t do anything to heal my body. It numbs the pain I’m feeling so that I can continue to work – or in this case, reflect on my outlook in life on my blog. Even so, still groggy and not good enough to be in my tip top condition.

I’m afraid that I would die in regret. There are quite a few things which I hope to achieve before I die, a chance to work for an extended period in Japan, learn how to ride a motorbike and perhaps, set up an educational trust fund for the less fortunate. I try very hard to work by day and pursue my dreams by night. But everyday after work, I end up doing nothing but just lying in bed at home, doing mindless surfing on YouTube as I’m too tired to do anything else.

I’m afraid that I would not be able to retire early enough to do what I really wanted to do.

I’m afraid I might be out of time sooner than I thought.