I stopped running altogether and started to see a private sports rehabilitation trainer (or functional training specialist in their terminology). The physiotherapy exercises I learnt from the public hospital no longer worked well and my back is in pain.

It’s about two weeks since I started my first rehab session, comprising three parts. The first was muscle release, which felt much like tuina and foam-rolling rolled into a package. It surprises myself that within just the first session, I could feel a significant relieve from the pain.

It’s a bit time consuming as well though

The second was muscle activation exercises. How I like to interpret this was to balance the muscle to counter overtrained and tight muscles, to help support the body.

The final was a two-week anti-inflammation diet:

No deep fried – That’s easy

No processed food – Simple

No milk and diary products – Easy peasy. I’m already drinking black coffee for more three months perhaps? It’s a piece of cake.

No gluten. Meaning: No bread, no noodles, no pasta, no pizza, no oats, no …

“Wait a minute, what am I supposed to eat for breakfast then?”

“Egg, Fruits, Avocado, Yogurt, or even Red Bean Soup”

“This is going to be expensive and a logistical nightmare.”

My mum still prepares my breakfast. I don’t ask for much except for four slices of bread with a thin spread of jam, kaya or peanut butter. It’s not because I enjoyed eating those stuff but they are the cheapest breakfast you would have that is filling.

Perhaps an even harder thing was thinking about the possibility of not being able to run in the 2XU Compression Run half-marathon event next year.

I’ve joined every edition of the 2XU Compression Run so far, ever since it started in 2011. I remember it begin as a 12km run event before upgrading itself to 15km and to it’s current half-marathon status.

I can only hope that my rehabilitation will turn out super well that I could have a chance to have a go at it… But for now…