We got a 2020 VISION.
IT (I mean the vision) is going to be better than 2019’s.
IT (I mean 2020) is going to be better than 2019.

Yet we got no 2020 VISION.
Everything’s gone wrong from the start.

= = = = =

On the roads, a drunk driver races a red Maserati in reverse…
Hit an old lady – she passed on.

In the Middle East a bomb fell…
Hit some general – he passed on.
Sounds as though a war is about to break-out.

In the Far East a mystery virus out-breaks…

Down South a fire broke out of control…

= = = = =

Such irony is an interactive showcase shared in the social media.
Presenting us a coming showing 2019 telling 2020 to take good care of us.
And here comes 2020 laughing at us…