It was an old homework which I have done under the command of my life coach. A compliment a day for seven days.

About 1.5 months ago, as part of the training to get my students to see the positive side of life, we revisited the homework that I was given at least 8 years ago. The truth is even I, myself, needed some high, as we walked further into the unknown, COVID going against every plan we had, showcase, competitions, interviews, graduation, overseas exchanges, and the list goes on.

The five of us, my four students, JT, JY, Z, P, and myself, we pull ourselves into a WhatsApp group. Z named it Share the Love and we soon embarked on our search for the goodness in people.

Don’t worry if the compliment or the appreciation don’t sound good enough. What’s important is sincerity. It will get harder each day and to do this, we got to look hard for the goodness in people. It is a practice.


By the end of the month, the world was moving into social distancing. A term which I strongly disagree in syntax with because it was a term which drives isolation when we really need more love in the world.

We tried to start one of those viral stuff on Facebook and Instagram. We took what we learnt about giving compliments and gave them to two people whom we care about, asking them for help to send their appreciation out to two more people.

Not sure if it worked out – the perfectionist side of me would always tell myself off as to why I didn’t try harder to persuade my friends to share their appreciations too but… as least we tried I guess.

Hope we have made their day which will somehow allow them to make many other days too.

Signing off,
#ShareTheLove #LoveApartTogether