Without physical classes taking place in school and all learning taking place at home, my gut feel is that everyone is going to feel more separated and alone. In a bid to build a learning community which is absolutely needed for learning to take place, instead of signing off all communications with “Warmest Regards”, the usual sign off I would use, I started to sign off with a hash tag “#LearnApartTogether”.

Not as if hash tags will be tracked my social media in emails and the learning management system’s announcement. It was a call to let everyone know that we may be apart physically, but we are essentially learning together.


And then there were the other aspects of life with the “circuit breaker” going on. A term used in Singapore similar to a movement control order in Malaysia or a lock down in some other countries. With limited activities that to do outside, like many people, I took to live streaming to kill boredom.

The first two I did was on Instagram, a workout challenge and a showcase performance. Not too soon, my students found out, and half-jokingly saying that they would like to appear on Instagram Live with me.

Actually I’m not sure if they were half-joking. But I am definitely considering this seriously. However, if we (my students and I) were to do some live show, it must be something that is useful. What will be useful at this point for me is to document down the thoughts and emotions of the learners who went through 100% home-based learning for educators to reference years down the road.

As such, I am proud to share with you that I’m going live on YouTube every Saturday for the month of June with my students. We will be documenting our experiences, our emotions and our epiphanies as we learn, apart, together.