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My Personal Manifesto


noun \ˌma-nə-ˈfes-(ˌ)tō\
a written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group
(As defined in Merriam Webster)

Flex Tio in Boston14 years ago, I had a motto in life, Dare to Try, which aid me in many aspects of my fearful life. It was not until two to three years ago, I started reading Stephen R. Covey’s book where I started drafting a personal mission statement. That was written in one month, in a rush by my standards. After which, my contact with Lusi Lim, my soft skills coach and Dr Brené Brown’s research on vulnerability and shame enlightened me about many things in life which I have never explored before within just a short span of the next one to two years.

Nine months ago, I sat down once again to refine my mission statement, slowly reflecting and evaluating on the principles I find important to me and the values I think I believe in. The result was a personal manifesto. A set of statements which explains me as a person, and who I am always working to be. It might change again in the future as I continue to search into the unknowns of life, but this should be concisely me and my beliefs for now.

Flex Tio
29 December 2013

My Personal Manifesto – by Flex Tio

In the short time that I am given in this lifetime, I want to contribute to the society the best way I can, ie, by offering my talents and my services. My contributions should make the world a more liveable place.

I define liveable place as a place where people, no matter who they are and where they come from, can feel a sense of love and belonging. They are passionate people who are positive and encouraging to the people whom they meet.

My contributions will be based on

  • Actions: Becoming a role model and advocator
  • Ideas: Becoming a thought leader

This is because I will find meaning, find myself useful and find joy when my talents can make the world a more liveable place, and living in this more liveable world.

The principles and values that guide me are as follows:


  • I will recognize that I am imperfect but I am enough to be a role model for people I care about
  • I will lean into discomfort and allow myself to be nakedly seen as far as the society allows


  • I will be accountable in areas which I have influence even if it takes an extra mile

Practising Gratitude:

  • I will practice gratitude and recognise that I am lucky in meeting people who have helped me overcome adversities
  • I will be thankful for what I have

Learn and Share:

  • I will engage in life-long learning, including unlearning and relearning. (This is also needed to keep myself relevant to the contributions I want to make)
  • I will value-add by synergising what I have learnt and passing down the knowledge to someone who might need them


  • I will exercise the leadership in me to train the next generation of leaders, so that they too will be empowered to make the world a more liveable place

In the course of my life work, I will be vulnerable to external influences. While I continue to be influenced by the external environment (in order to learn), I will continue to live the Dare to Try motto:

  • This means daring to follow the norm when it makes sense to me
  • This means daring to break the norm when it makes better sense to me
  • This represents continuous innovation (not just creativity but applied creativity) in all things that I do

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